I just went to a conference for contractors and one of the speakers was Mr. Rick Villucci, who is the senior investigator for the state of California.  He works on cracking down on illegal contractors throughout the state.

The title of his speech was, “who are we letting in our homes“?

I have included a few videos for people to see, but it was a little scary to see who is out their posing as legitimate contractors but are far from legitimate.  During the stings many of the people who were caught were “wanted” for other crimes.

Part of Mr. Villucci’s speech was about the abuse of the elderly.  Taking advantage of our elderly while they are still living in their homes.  Some contractors even coerced elderly homeowners to give them money apart from the work they agreed to do.  Having a mother who still lives in her home and needs to have repairs done to her home form time to time this story really hit home.

If you have a chance, check out the videos and just be careful, Who you let in your home! VIEW VIDEOS

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