Bay Area Pool Patio Designer 2014

We recently completed a pool project paved with Turkish Marble and I would like you to know a little bit about this great material. Turkish Marble is also known as “travertine”, it has been used for years as a thin ½” tile placed on the inside of homes for kitchens, entry ways, etc.

A company out of Florida who installed interlocking pavers was able to go to Turkey and have a quarry cut the Marble thicker so it could be used as a sand set paver instead of being just an overlay on a concrete foundation.  The pavers are 1 ¾” thick with a 8,000 + psi rating.  They are quite durable for pool decks, patios and walkways.  The beauty is they are just as durable if not more than the average concrete paver.  Everyone has concrete pavers, almost every driveway and walkway in many neighborhoods look the exact same..may I say a little boring?  Now there is a driveway capable Turkish Granite paver 2” thick.

Beautiful colors and various patterns, ashlar being one of the most popular.  I am so excited to be able to offer this to my clients instead of just the average paver.  If you are thinking about doing any kind of hardscape work around your garden or driveway give us a call and look into other options than just the average material available.

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