I have included an analyst sheet so people can review the actual cost comparison between real lawn and synthetic grass.  It seems like a 36 month time frame is needed to recoup one’s investment.  I believe that it is even shorter.

In last week’s blog, I stated the largest amount of water wasted is in the residential landscape. The average person and the majority of gardeners have little to no idea how much water to apply to their gardens.  It is obvious to all that the lawns are the highest consumer of water.  The landscape plants are minimal.  Some of our larger trees need deep watering (depending on the variety of tree, of course) but even in the middle of our hot summers the average planter does not need watering more than twice a week.  I cannot count how many times I have gone to a person’s home and look at how they have the irrigation controller set-up.  They have their plants being watered every day or every other day for 15 minutes.  This is on established plants!  In our clay soils this is way too much water.  Please note: I am generalizing to a degree but for the average established garden this is too much water.

If synthetic grass is installed and proper water is applied to the landscape plantings one can only imagine how much water is being saved and in turn how much money can be saved.

Download PDF – Typical Payback Analysis Natural vs. Synthetic Turf

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