Low voltage lighting has come a long way over the last few years.  The average home has some form of outdoor lighting.  Many people are installing solar lights and although they still have a way to go to really provide the “wow” factor in a garden it is great that they are avaiable.
Low voltage lighting was a less expensive alternative to the use 110 volt outdoor lighting systems.  Amazingling within a few years the low voltage fixtures were abe to light up the garden just as good if not better than 110v fixtures.
Now with the introduction of LED  light bulbs we are able to do so  much more than we were just a couple years ago.  We are able to change older systems with new fixtures without having to start over.
The greatest improvement with the LED systems is the cost reduction with the use of electricity.  IF someone has a halogen system and were to compare it with the exact number of fixtures with a LED system the cost reduction would be at least 33%.
We offer lighting demonstrations for your garden so clients can se how their gardens could look.   If a client has a system now and is not happy with it and it does not provide security or the “wow” factor in their gardens at night, we would be happy to show people how beautiful their properties can look at night.

Call and we we can help you enjoy your garden just at much at night as you do in the daytime.

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