Growing Annuals and Perrenials

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LOS ALTOS – Host Sarah Rutan:  When working in your garden, you’ll want to know the best way to remove old plants and plant new ones. Today we’re in Los Altos with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Michael Moore of Masterpiece Gardens & Design to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Michael Moore: Well the first step in the process is removing the old summer annuals. You just yank those out, throw them away so we can get the soil prepared with good nutrients, good soil for this time’s planting.

Alrighty, after we have cleared our beds, we’ll put a nice fertilizer on there, spread that around in our beds, prepare for the soil for the new roots that we’ll be putting in with the little plants. We’ll be putting in a nice, rich soil mixing it in so these little roots can kind of get established and start flowering for us all winter long.

So, after you put your fertilizer down, you put your good soil on there. You want to rake it out real nice, get any roots, any debris that’s in there so there’s a nice planting area to start placing your plants.

After we’ve leveled out our soil, we’ve placed our plants you can kind of see how I’ve gone from the tallest plants like the snapdragons, down to the cyclamen and then finally the pansies so we have a level, kind of a stair step effect growing up.

I’ve also placed before planting our spring bulbs; we have tulips, daffodils, and crocus. All of these will be placed and not come up until February, March, April and this will kind of be our introduction to spring. So we put this in first, down below in our good soil, we cover them over and that’s all you do.  Then you come back and you plant your fall annuals.

Now you just do a light soaking, water them in real well and enjoy till next spring when we do it all again.

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