Wouldn’t you say that this synthetic lawn installation looks very realistic?

Artificial turf is not the Astroturf your grandma installed on her patio years ago. Improved technology, newer materials and a greater demand for synthetic lawns made it possible for manufacturers to create an extraordinarily realistic product.

Keeping a natural lawn green is getting costlier and goes against the harsh reality of our current and long-term drought conditions on the west coast.

Have you seen the latest artificial turf? Perhaps you walked by it and didn’t even realize it was artificial!

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Although the recent changes in the climate have made it necessary to decrease our water consumption, we can still benefit from a luscious, flowering garden. In fact, these adjustments to our water usage has effectively opened up new ways of creating California landscapes.

There are many plants that thrive in California, with blooms that either remain throughout or return each year, and that need very little water and minimum irrigation. These natives are visually pleasing, fill in and naturalize quickly, provide interesting color and texture, and can be quite fragrant. California native plants also increase species diversity of bees, birds, and butterflies; fortify the native ecosystem; provide excellent screening; and enhance existing natural landscapes.

Planting native flowering bushes, shrubs and ground covers makes it easy to decrease water usage, preserve resources and still enjoy an abundant garden.