With the diverse paving materials available, asphalt, concrete, brick, flagstone to name a few one seems to stand out in the crowd, Interlocking Paving Stones Paving stones come in a variety of materials like concrete, clay, marble and granite. They all are a beautiful alternative to concrete or asphalt.

A client when weighing the options for a new driveway and walkway asked me if he ended up choosing pavers he was concerned they may “go out of style” in years to come. The only thing I could think of were my trips to Europe and Israel and the cobble paving stone streets in Belgium and Germany and the Marble and Granite walkways and streets throughout Israel, especially in Jerusalem.

So my response was: I don’t think paving stones will be going out of style anytime soon.

Practical aspects of paving stones:

Notice the slideshow pictures included in this blog. This paving stone driveway was being lifted by the roots of these giant Redwood Trees in the middle of the driveway. The practical aspect of paving stones is the ability to repair a portion of a driveway or walkway due to lifting or sinking. With conventional paving like concrete; repairs include cutting the cracked or damaged area, removal of the concrete and then re-pouring new concrete. The aesthetical downfall is the new repair will never match the color or texture of the existing driveway or walkway and will stick out like a sore thumb. On the other hand the pavers can be lifted up then the issue can be repaired and the same pavers can be re-installed and one will never be able to tell there was a problem.

Please notice how the driveway was lifted approximately 8” making it difficult to use that portion of the driveway with a low setting car. After we root pruned the Redwood Tree we were able to re-install the pavers and the final outcome is beautiful. Now the entire driveway can be used with whatever vehicle arrives.

So if your house and/or garden have need of new paving seriously consider using Paving Stones instead of the other materials available.

A video & photography montage showing a Bay Area lawn renovation project by Masterpiece Gardens & Design Inc. using a new generation of synthetic grass.

It’s hard to believe but in recent years we have installed more synthetic turf than natural grass. I used to be against the use of synthetic grass for years but as the development of synthetic grass continues to improve and the drought persists I am becoming quite the advocate. Synthetic turf is much easier to maintain and cuts down on water, chemicals and fertilizers.

For more information and portfolio of our work, please visit our website at http://www.masterpiecegarden.com

– Photos & videos by Masterpiece Gardens & Design Inc.
– Video montage by Bonneville Consulting, LLC. (http://www.bonnevilleconsulting.com)


A video & photography montage showing a Bay Area landscape renovation project by Masterpiece Gardens from start to finish.

This project shows the renovation of a patio, pool, planters and stairs.

For more information and portfolio of our work, please visit our website at http://www.masterpiecegarden.com

– Photos & videos by Masterpiece Gardens.
– Video montage by Bonneville Consulting, LLC. (http://www.bonnevilleconsulting.com)

Bay Area Pool Decks Renovation

With the heat of the summer upon us, it is essential to regularly check your irrigation system. Ideally, each zone is checked to make sure the system is working efficiently. Under the current drought conditions, the best way to save water and money is to carefully check your entire irrigation system.

Since lawns require the most amount of water, there are a couple tricks to help the system work properly. Each sprinkler head should be cleared of any obstructions. This includes the lawn that can grow over the sprinklers heads and cause the sprinklers to not pop-up correctly. (See photo above).

Afterwards the sprinklers should be turned on again and check and make sure they water is being distributed to the proper location. Turned nozzles towards the driveway or other planters are not only a waste of water but brown spots will begin to show up in the lawn areas.

Planting beds are just as important to check to make sure the water is being distributed correctly. Broken lines or nozzles are a huge loss of water and can damage the plants close to the broken head by over-watering.

Lastly, drip irrigation, which requires the most amount of maintenance in the garden. If your system has drip in any part of the garden I highly recommend you check it very closely. Missing emitters, broken lines, loose fittings are all common and a huge loss of water. Water that can be used in other portions of the garden to keep the plants and/or lawn properly hydrated.

My last tip for everyone is to look carefully for rabbit, squirrel and rat damage to their drip system and sprinkler nozzles. With the drought conditions odd situations will begin to take place that you may have never experienced before. We are already starting to see “holes” in our systems. Nozzles being completely chewed off. Clients are complaining of water shooting straight into the air. These critters are just searching for a drink but in the meantime they are causing havoc to the sprinkler s systems.

A little maintenance goes a long way, especially this summer. Saving water and keeping our gardens beautiful is the ultimate goal and this can be accomplished with just a little extra effort by checking all the zones within your garden.